Due to the ambitious nature of our planned venture with The Bolton Octagon as part of their ‘Reveal’ season this Summer, a joint decision has been made to postpone our site specific entry until the consecutive season in 2017.

Programming the project for next year allows us a further 12 months during which we can continue to work with The Octagon and re-apply for Arts Council Funding. The additional time also allows us the possibility to Research and Develop the existing script with the author and explore how best to fully incorporate an unconventional, site specific location as a venue. We will work further with a number of associated charities linked with the themes of the play in order that we may learn first-hand how best to deliver the messages we want to our audiences.

We’re excited to continue working with The Octagon on what will be a challenging and highly rewarding venture moving into 2017, and of course, we’ll keep you updated on our progress as time goes by.