Just because a production is a fringe production, why does the quality have to suffer?

Have a read of our debut article as we talk all about our inspiration and the fringe scene in the North West (via NorthernSoul).

During our time at ALRA North drama school in Wigan, one of the main pieces of advice from multiple tutors was the notion that if you’re not getting any work, you should create your own.To have the vision and passion for theatre is one thing, but if you don’t get out there and do something, it’s wasted.

And so troublehouse theatre was created in the Summer of 2014 with the aim of encouraging and supporting the theatrical industry in the North and, in so doing, raise the bar in the expectations of fringe theatre audiences. We wanted to create professional theatre with the same high quality production elements you would find coming out of any of the established North West-based theatres; everything from actors and set design to marketing and PR, they would all be to the same professional standard.

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